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Hirzel Brothers Greenhouse
427 E Broadway St, Toledo, OH 43605
Toll Free: 800-893-5747
Local: 419-691-5747


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The FTD® Florist Designed™ Bouquet
The FTD® Florist Designed™ Bouquet 7803 US 79.99
Arrangement of Plants
Arrangement of Plants Intercat-1202 US 62.99
Arrangement of Cut Flowers
Arrangement of Cut Flowers Intercat-1206 US 83.99
Wreath Arrangement
Wreath Arrangement Intercat-1208 US 174.99
Funeral Spray
Funeral Spray Intercat-1209 US 76.99
Wreath Intercat-1213 US 209.99
Red Roses
Red Roses DK101 US 55.99
Mixed Roses
Mixed Roses DK103 US 55.99
Pink Roses
Pink Roses DK102 US 55.99
White Roses
White Roses DK100 US 55.99
Flower Bouquet Florist Choice
Flower Bouquet Florist Choice DK1823 US 43.99
Congratulations Bouquet
Congratulations Bouquet DK127 US 48.99

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